Looking for a stunning window covering solution that is perfect for large windows? What about a window treatment with an array of styling and color options, easy care, simple operation, and the power to enlarge a room by providing a higher ceiling appearance? Vertical blinds are a beautiful, affordable, thermal efficient option for you. Explore our vertical shades for other window treatments well-suited for large windows!

  • Window Covering Measuring & Installations
    Let our experts do the work measuring dimensions, assessing your room’s lighting, making sure your purchase is perfectly customized to your home and ensuring an exact fit for your window coverings!
  • Window Covering Automation
    Ask us about motorization services for your window treatments.
  • A Wide Range of Finishes and Styles
    We offer no shortage of gorgeous finishes and styles, including wood, faux wood, aluminum, vertical & horizontal blinds, available in numerous colors, textures and slat sizes
Luminette® sheer panels

Light-diffusing vertical sheer panels with fully-integrated vertical vanes.

  • Enhances light
  • Adjustable light/ privacy control
  • Ideal for large windows
  • 80+ fabric/ color choices
skyline® panel-track blinds

Statement-making, sleek, gliding panels, perfect for tall or wide windows.

  • Panels stack tightly when open
  • 450+ fabric/ color choices
Alustra® woven textures® Panel-Track Blinds

A sleek, contemporary alternative to traditional panel-track blinds. 

  • Designed for expansive windows
  • Unique, globally-sourced fabrics
  • 70+ fabric/color choices
Cadence® vertical

Elegantly styled blinds that mimic plush drapery folds.

  • Smooth, silent movement and an elegant drapery-style design.
  • 40+ material/ color choices
Somner® vertical

A wide selection of materials, colors and textures for any design aesthetic.

  • Smooth metal finishes and statement fabrics
  • 170+ material/ color choices
Vertical solutions®  

A minimalist design, allowing art & furniture to take center-stage.

  • Smooth movement and a subtle design
  • 40+ material/ color choices
alta vertical blinds

The cool lines of these blinds serve up the ultimate in cost and energy efficiency with some of the most contemporary patterns around.

  • Textured or smooth vinyls, snappy S-Curve vanes, and fantastic fabrics.
  • Variety of light-filtering fabrics
  • Easy-to-maintain vinyl selections
  • 132 color / fabric options






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