Gray and silver blinds window covering

Alta wood blinds

Instantly invoke an heirloom aura with luxurious, gleaming wood. Innately energy-friendly, our woods are chosen for their natural insulating properties.

  • Wire-brush finish, or smooth finish paints and stains
  • Cordless options make for a timeless look and tangle-free operation. Safety + sophistication.
  • Cordless and automation options
  • 23 color choices
Bedroom wood blinds in bright tan color

alta faux woods

Natural-hued wood grains and solid colors give the look of genuine wood, but with a bundle of benefits. Moisture-resistant? Check. Durable? Check.

  • The look of wood + the carefree upkeep of vinyl = perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.
  • Woven tapes in rich solids and decorative patterns.
  • Cordless and automation options
  • 30 color choices
Elegant metal blinds window treatment in sleek kitchen

alta aluminum blinds

Uniquely modern, vintage and industrial-pro all at once. Multiple collections offer alternatives from classic cost-efficiency to premium panache with heavier-duty slats, LightsOut feature and built-in valance.

  • Keep maintenance to a minimum with our dust-resistant finish.
  • Spring-tempered slats bounce back into shape, resisting those pesky kinks and dents.
  • Cordless and standard control options
  • 45 color choices
Beige/ tan vertical shades for bedroom window treatment

alta vertical blinds

The cool lines of these blinds serve up the ultimate in cost and energy efficiency with some of the most contemporary patterns around.

  • Textured or smooth vinyls, snappy S-Curve vanes, and fantastic fabrics.
  • Variety of light-filtering fabrics
  • Easy-to-maintain vinyl selections
  • 132 color / fabric options
White honeycomb cellular shades and vertical shades in bedroom

alta window shadings

Blend the beauty and softness of a sheer, with the function and convenience of a blind.  

  • Perfect for larger windows and doors
  • Maximize your privacy
  • Cordless and automation options
  • 117 color/ fabric choices
Sheer shades in neutral tones for living room window coverings

Alta dual shades

Alternating sheer and opaque linear bands – modern and masterful in guiding light and protecting privacy.

  • Varying opacity levels depending on fabric choice.
  • Automation and cord control options
  • 109 color choices
Gray honeycomb cellular shades in bedroom

Alta honeycomb shades

Tailored, energy-efficient, and infinitely customizable. A rich range of patterns and hues, and an opacity range from sheer to blackout.

  • Can fit any window shape
  • Repels dirt and resists stains
  • Cordless and automation options
  • 555 color choices
Gray Roller Shades with Motor on Wide windows

Alta roller shades

A single, neat shade with the potential to completely disappear, allowing your stunning architecture – or that inspiring view – to take front stage.

  • A minimal look with UV efficiency
  • Greenguard certified fabrics ensure low emissions levels
  • Screen, decorative, or blackout
  • Cordless and automation options
  • 529 color/ fabric choices
Woven Wood Roller Shades on Porch Windows

Alta Natural wovens

Both elegant and exotic. Organic fibers from jute to rattan and bamboo to woo bring global texture and international style right to your very own zip code. 

  • Enduring quality
  • Hand-fed on loom by skilled artisans
  • Sewn-edge binding choices
  • Woven woods, grass weaves, or select weaves
  • Automation and cord control options
  • 66 color/ fabrics choices
alta vertical Shades

Scale it up with 3 ½” vertical vanes. The look of soft drapes with the adjustability of blinds.

  • Complement your horizontal windows by coordinating them with vertical sliding glass doors. Style 101.
  • Rotate the vanes to maximize the view or minimize the light.
  • Guard against UV damage. Your furniture and floors will thank you.

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